Water Pump 6V - 12V with 1m silicone tube

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Working voltage 6-12V DC.
Load operating current 0.5-0.7A.
Maximum flow 1-3L/Min.
Maximum head 3 m.
Maximum suction range 2 m.
Temperature ≤80°C;.
Service life 2500H.

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Further Information

What is the max pressure output of this pump, if i were to use it to feed a small spray tip, what pressure can it produce? (in PSI)
Asked by: Torin Clark
Hi Torin, Thank you for your question, it isn't noted on our spec sheet but I would work it out in the region of 5-8 PSI for the maximum. Best Regards Cullen
Answered by: Cullen Lewis

can i run this from a solar panel? which solar panels would you recommend?
Asked by: daisy watson
Hi Daisy, You could do but you would need a very large or lots of small solar panels as the kit works from 6V-12V and draws a relatively high current. Using the ones below you would probably need 4+ parallel sets of two panels in series to get the required current and voltage. https://www.kitronik.co.uk/3608-50v-130ma-polycrystalline-solar-cell.html Best Regards Cullen
Answered by: Cullen Lewis

How loud is this pump?
Asked by: Mike
Hi Mike, Thank you for your question, the pump is not especially loud it as about the normal volume for a small electric motor. best Regards Cullen
Answered by: Cullen Lewis

how high will this pump lift water if the pump is being solar powered? king Regards daisy
Asked by: daisy
Hi Daisy, Thank you for your question, it depends on how much current and voltage the solar panel is supplying but the maximum would be 3m vertical pump. You would need to feed it 12V and 0.7A. Best regards Cullen
Answered by: Cullen Lewis

Any ideas on how slow the motor can go/lowest flowrate using PWM before it stalls? I'm considering this for a variable flow project.
Asked by: R Powell
Hi there, Thank you for your email, I am afraid we do not know. It is unfortunately one of those answers where there would be a lot of variance based on the set up of the kit so if we were to do a project around this sort of thing we would probably do it with some amount of testing and experimenting I am afraid. best Regards Cullen
Answered by: Cullen Lewis

Is this a two way pump.
Asked by: Barry Williams
Hi Barry, Thank you for your question, I do not believe this pump is two way. Best Regards Cullen
Answered by: Cullen Lewis

How do I control this pump using the micro bit?
Asked by: Sean Manning
Hi there, Thank you for your question, we have a short guide below for you on how to use the pump. Essentially it would act like any other motor being controlled by a micro:bit. You might need to use transistors to meet the current and voltage requirements or you could use one of our motor driver boards to provide a separate power source. https://www.kitronik.co.uk/blog/diaphragm-pump-silicone-tube Best Regards Cullen Lewis
Answered by: Cullen Lewis

What is it connected to in order to turn on and off? I've been using a 9v battery but I manually attach the wires so far
Asked by: Laska
Hi Laska, You could attach this to any micro controller board to turn the pump on and off when needed. Alternatively you could put a switch between the battery and the connection on one side of the pump and have a basis on and off switch, just making sure the switch can handle the voltage and current draw of the pump.
Answered by: Michael Lockhart

will this operate from a battery? If so which kind. Will it run from your solar power kit? Looking for a pump to use without mains power
Asked by: David Rudd
Hi David, Yes technically you could run this from a battery supply, however the pump needs 6V as a minimum and draws between 0.5-0.7A, so could drain batteries fairly quickly. Using solar cells might be a little more difficult to generate the current needed but again may be possible.
Answered by: Michael Lockhart

How much does the pump weigh in grams? Thanks.
Asked by: Matt
Hi Matt, The pump is approximately 106 grams in weight.
Answered by: Michael Lockhart

I am trying to use this pump with a micro:bit to create an automated plant watering system. What switch can I use so that the micro:bit sends the 'go' signal when the moisture content is low? Thanks.
Asked by: Jamie
Hi Jamie, You could go really basic with the circuit and use the temperature sensor on the micro:bit to determine when and for how long the pump should run for. However if you want to be a little more accurate in when to turn it on and off you could use a moisture sensor, connect this up to the micro:bit and then use this to send the signal and then code the micro:bit so that as the resistance of the moisture sensor changes it determines how wet the soil is. Unfortunately we don't currently have a moisture sensor, but there are a few different ones out there that should work fine. Just take care that if you use one power supply to power both the moisture sensor and the micro:bit that you don't exceed 3 into the micro:bit.
Answered by: Michael Lockhart

Would this pump be suitable for drinking water?
What about soft drinks, to make a home soda machine?
Asked by: Steve
Hi Steve, I have heard back from the supplier and unfortunately they can't confirm that it would be safe to be used with drinking water. As such you would need to use a pump which states it is safe to use with drinking water. Sorry we coundn't help on this occasion.
Answered by: Michael Lockhart

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