Kitronik Fizzbit Module - Create Your Own Vibrating Robot

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Further Information

Hi! What will happen if I charge this for longer than 1 minute?
Asked by: Samy
Hi Sammy, Typically the unit would charge in around 20-30 seconds so shouldn't need any longer than this. Charging for a minute shouldn't cause a problem, however it is possible to damage the capacitor by overcharging. This could result in the capacitor falling or it not being able to hold any additional charge. As such we would advise charging for the recommend time.
Answered by: Michael Lockhart

Hi, we are using your fizzbits for our little diy workshops at the Vitra Design Museum. THe kids love them, but they are a little disappointed that they vibrate for such a short time. Do you have any stronger fizzbits or would you know where I can get my hands on some?

All the best,

Sarah Kingston
Asked by: Sarah Kingston

Hi Sarah, Unfortunately the length of time the Fizzbit vibrates for is determined by the capacitor which is mounted onto the board, currently there isn’t a version which has a large capacitor on it. From a 30 second charge you should be able to get around 30-40 seconds of run time.

Answered by: Michael Lockhart

How does this work p?
Asked by: Bob

The Fizzbit module is very easy to use, it comes pre-built so no soldering needed. You can then design a vibrating Fizzbit body, there are some examples here You would then plug it into the USB slot on a PC or laptop and after approximately 20seconds it is fully charged and when unplugged will begin vibrating.

Answered by: Michael Lockhart

Will a Fizzbit work with US based computers to charge? Is it capatible with our computers?

Asked by: Amy Williams (for Pat Williams)

Yes they would be fine, they just use a standard USB port to charge.

Answered by: Michael Lockhart

How can I get my hands on these? Are they stocked anywhere in NZ?
Asked by: Sherane

Unfortunately we currently don’t have a distributor that takes this item in New Zealand. However you can buy direct off our site and we do ship to New Zealand.

Answered by: Michael Lockhart

Is there any way to add an ON/OFF to this?
Asked by: david

Not easily. The circuit is made of mostly from surface mount components and there's nowhere you can really solder to without likely damaging the components or the USB connection.

Answered by: Aaron Sturman

How long will the Fizzbit run on a single charge?
Asked by: CJ

It runs for about half a minute from a single charge, a charge takes around 30 seconds.

Answered by: Aaron Sturman

This looks very useful but the unit cost is way too much for the component parts so cannot justify buying them. Would you be able to reduce the price for build it yourself kits? I'd be prepared to pay up to £2 for un-built fizzbit modules if able to order 10 kits.


Asked by: JD
Hi, the units have 5 small surface mount components on the bottom which would be very tricky to solder on for most people. Also it would be very difficult to pack the surface mount components. The time needed to pack them would likely make them more expensive than the built versions.

Answered by: Aaron Sturman

Is this kit going to be a solder yourself kit in the near future as it would be a great little project for a club i run if they got to do the soldering themselves.
Asked by: richard crawley
Hi, some of the parts are very small so we place them with a machine. It would be very fiddly to place them by hand. It can be done but it takes a lot of patience and a good pair of tweezers, I imagine it would be frustrating for a beginner to soldering!
Answered by: Aaron Sturman

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