Arctic Monkeys Dock - Selston High School
Last week, we spoke to Mr Mears from Selston High School about this fantastic Arctic Monkeys dock we saw on Twitter. The dock was made by one of his students in the AQA Product Design course in the 2014/15 academic year.


The dock is made out of a plywood and beech construction with acrylic and pewter finishings. The student had to use a range of jigs to clamp the material in order to get the shape they wanted. The casting was produced using a laser cut mould designed on Techsoft 2D software. The logo was cast in the workshop in pewter and was polished to finish. The finish is excellent considering the student had to prime, wet, dry and then spray paint the finish in the booth. The student then finished off the dock with some vinyl for branding. This is an extraordinary example of the number of processes involved in producing such an amazing piece of work.


Most students used our Mono Amplifier Kit, although a few including this one picked up a Stereo Amp Kit online for use with their projects.


The students took their inspiration from a range of sources including looking at existing products, architecture and other sources. This student took their inspiration from the Arctic Monkeys' 'AM' album cover art. All of the docks in the class were made using plywood and beech with acrylic with a pewter logo and a vinyl CAM finish. The project took around 20 hrs of work in total. To finish off the project, the students produced a Point of Sale to show they can work with compliant materials without the need of a large cutter/plotter for packaging. All of the students managed to get some really good products from a tight budget and limited resources. A lot of hard work went into these projects such as this dock. I'm sure you'll agree with us that the students should be very pleased with all of their hard work and it shows hard work really does pay off.




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