Gallery Electro Monster Puppets - Kenilworth School
These pictures or 'Electro Monster' puppets designed by the students in Miss Telford's year 7 electronics group at Kenilworth School and Sports College. Conductive fabric has been used on the the hands of the puppet's. When these are touched together the circuit is completed and the LED lights up. We love this fun example of e-textiles in action. electro_monster_puppets_kenilworth_school_01 electro_monster_puppets_kenilworth_school_02 electro_monster_puppets_kenilworth_school_03 electro_monster_puppets_kenilworth_school_04 electro_monster_puppets_kenilworth_school_05 electro_monster_puppets_kenilworth_school_06 electro_monster_puppets_kenilworth_school_07

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