The 3rd Annual Derby Mini Maker Faire - A Look Back.
I was looking forward to getting to see the Silk Mill again after last years refurbishment almost as much as my second (and the third annual) Derby Mini Maker Faire itself this year. Once again we sponsored the event, being our nearest Mini Maker Faire to home, and I have to say it was the best organised such event I've been to. It thoroughly deserved to be the biggest yet with more than 2,500 visitors across the two days.


We took our Electro-Fashion range along with the new Fizzbits on the Saturday and ran a free workshop on the Sunday. derby_maker_faire_2014_560_02 It's always nice to see some familiar faces, and there was plenty of representation from Nottinghack, with both Jake and Hannah Howe having their own stands, as well as Nottinghack's stand, and Matt Little's Marble run was hugely popular again. derby_maker_faire_2014_560_03 Derby Makers seemed really busy with their soldering workshop. York Hackspace were as busy as usual with SpaceHack, and I saw some new faces from Barnsley.IO. HackHitchin bought BigHak down with them, and Dominic didn't hesitate to have a go. Fortunately there were safety barriers on hand for me to stand behind! derby_maker_faire_2014_560_04 This year the Sunday was dedicated to workshops. We love workshops as it gives us chance to see our products being used by the general public (and get feedback on them). With this in mind we decided that we would run a FREE workshop so that we could get as many people involved as possible. Being the weekend before Halloween we decided that we’d like to do a workshop using our Electro-Fashion E-Textiles range. Rob and Aaron come up with two great badge ideas that could be cut out on out laser cutter. One was a ghost (see below) and the other was a witch on a broomstick. derby_maker_faire_2014_560_05 If you want more information on building your own badge like these then check out our tutorial (with free templates). Kevin manned the stand and told people about our product range and explained what we were doing in our workshop. derby_maker_faire_2014_560_06 As soon as the show opened the workshop was very busy and Stephanie and Delloria did a great job of running it and looking after the participants. They were busy for the whole day and deserved a good rest by the time we’d finished. derby_maker_faire_2014_560_07 During the day we managed to make around one hundred badges. Everyone seemed to enjoy making the badges and you could soon see many of participants wearing their badges with pride. derby_maker_faire_2014_560_08 Before we go we’d like to say a big thank you to all of the volunteers that help make Derby Mini Maker Faire the success it was. The event seems to get bigger every year and we are sure it couldn’t be done without the help of all of these fantastic people. Role on next year! derby_maker_faire_2014_560_09 You can check out the rest of our photos of the weekend here.

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