Create a custom surround for the Temperature Module

Keep an eye on the temperature using one of our temperature modules and some Green Cast® acrylic. With summer just around the corner, it's the perfect make for the laser cutter.

Follow Kev's, our designer/illustrator, simple step by step guide to create a cheery plant in its plant pot, monitoring the changing weather. Perfect for the desktop, or any nearby flat surface.

We have used:

Step 1 - Grab the DXF for use/editing:

Download the DXF file of your very own cheery plant.

Step 2 - To the laser cutter:

Engrave and then laser cut your plant in the Green acrylic followed by your Plant pot in the black (don’t forget to print the stand legs!). Be sure to cut out the holes for the module to sit, first.


Step 3 - Putting it together:

Clean off any particles made by the engraving and glue the pot to the plant, aligning the hole for your temperature module. Once set, glue the stand legs to the back of the plant.

Allow your jolly plant’s glue to set and then insert the temperature module into the housing hole (DOES NOT require gluing) and you’re good to go!

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