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When building a project kit, such as our Steady Hand Kit, having an attractive and sturdy case to house it makes the outcome that much more rewarding. Emma's been back on the laser cutter and has produced this rather fetching custom enclosure. 

Emma used mirrored acrylic for these, but you can use any acrylic that you have. If you are out of acrylic and nearly out of budget, our value cheap acrylic sheets offers a cost effective alternative. 

You Will Need:


Custom Laser Cut Enclosure for Kitronik Steady Hand Game:

First, grab the DXF file and take it to to you laser cutter software or to any CAD program if you want to tweak the design (shown above in LibreCAD).


Step:1 Laser Cutting:

We’ve made a handy key above to show you how to cut the enclosure. Feel free to customise your own engraving too, you don’t need to keep ours!


Step 2 Making the kit:

Solder together your kit, following the instructions except for attaching your loop and wire.


Step 3 Building the enclosure:

custom laser-cut enclosure steady hand game cheap acrylic sheets assembly

Assemble your enclosure, which should be friction fit but may require a little glue depending on laser and material tolerances. As you do, install the kit as well. The explanatory image below is la-belled for clarity.


Step 4 Getting in shape:

custom laser-cut enclosure steady hand game cheap acrylic sheets assembled

Close up your enclosure then shape your wire! We have done a simple geometric design to match the engraved track design.




Step 5 Finishing up:

Lastly turn your steady hand game over over, stick on your rubber feet and pop in some batteries!


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