Featuring: Kitronik's Fizzbit Module Election Action Set!
Still undecided on who to vote for? Want an alternative to the Election Debate? Then let the Fizzbit Election Action Set decide!
  Designed by The Crafty Robot Company, The Election Set features all five leaders of the main political parties running in the upcoming 2015 Election. You can download these Election designs and try them out for yourself.


You can also download designs including a cowboy, dragon, or play Fizzbit Football! You can make your own design and add it to our Fizzbit Module.


The Fizzbit module is made by Kitronik and contains a high-capacity capacitor with a motor and an unbalanced rotating weight. The module is charged using a powered USB port for about a minute. As soon as the module is unplugged, the charged capacitor releases energy to drive the motor, creating vibrations. You can buy the Fizzbit Module from Kironik's own website and see a video of the Election Debate Action Set. To see the latest updates from The Crafty Robot Company, you can follow their Twitter feed. As ever, you can sign up to our newsletter here to keep up to date with everything Kitronik!

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