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Our veneered MDF sheets have been very popular, but we've been asked many times to sell veneer on it's own. We're happy to introduce two new flexible wood veneers, and we got Kevin to tell us about them in the video below, or see lower down for a text version.
  Hi, I'm Kevin from Kitronik. Here we have some new flexible veneers. As you can see we have two types currently, sapele and maple veneers, and these veneers are made by a company called decoflex. They consist of a real wood veneer, as you can see here, and on the back it's backed by a paper backing. This means that the veneer can easily be flexed without fear of the veneer itself cracking or breaking. You can see the paper backing is similar in colour to the wood on which it is backed. These kind of products are ideal for things like laser cutting, so you can easily laser cut this because it's so thin, or you can cut if with a knife. You can do things like marquetry, so it's ideal for furniture production, those kind of things. Many many uses, great product. Decoflex veneers. Visit kitronik.co.uk now to view our entire range of laserable and craft materials.

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