Design A Clock Challenge

Design brief

A clock manufacturer has been making a plain wooden clock face for a number of years, but now wants to expand their range of clocks. You have been asked to develop a number of interesting designs and produce one of these. To aid your designing the clock manufacturer has provided technical information on the clock movement they would like you to use in your product. All dimensions are in mm. Recommended drill size for shaft 8mm. They have also provided a .dxf file for a blank template which can be customised before being cut on a laser cutter. The center hole and the number positions are ready laid out for you.



Clock face number alignment template

If you are cutting a face from a material by hand then this handy template may help. Simply cut a hole in the centre of the template and the around the edge. If you want your numbers to be close in to the centre cut around a smaller ring. There is a larger scale version of this diagram below.



If you're stuck for inspiration check out these examples, one made using a laser cut face with a fabric cover, the other from an old LP. dressed_to_a_tee_clock_mechanism_04_800 vinyl_countdown_clock_600   Download a larger version of the clock face template here. Download a .dxf file for cutting here. Download a pdf version of this page here pdf_icon.gif Learn more about the author


Rob Haywood

Rob Haywood

Hi Mark, We don't sell these, most schools that use them just print them out and use a paper version. Rob

Mark Hill

Mark Hill

I'm looking for a plastic template like yours above,years ago I use to make clocks but lost my temp plates for numbers Respectfully Mark

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