How to Make a 3D Printed LED Christmas Tree


Make your room come alive this winter with our 3D Printed LED Christmas Tree. You can brighten your desk with this fun themed simple ornament which uses our Colour Changing LED Kit.


Learn how to:

  • Download and print a pre-made 3D Printing design and turn it into an LED Christmas Tree decoration.

Level of Difficulty:

  • Intermediate - Some knowledge of 3D Printing and soldering is useful.

Parts List:

In order to create your own 3D Printed LED Christmas Tree decoration, you will need:

You will also need the following equipment:

Step-by-step guide to making a laser-cut decoration:

Step 1


Download your 3D Printing design of your choice in a .STL file format (this format is compatible with all 3D Printers) from a 3D Printing website (We've chosen MyMiniFactory for this Christmas Tree design) on to your computer connected to your 3D Printer.

Step 2

Import your .STL file into your 3D Printer's software (we are using CEL's AutoMaker designed specifically for the Robox 3D Printer. You can open it into Autodesk's Meshmixer if you would like to see what it looks like and tweak it slightly.

Step 3

Print your 3D model on your 3D Printer (our Christmas Tree was printed using Crystal Clear ABS filament on 'draft' settings with 0% fill (you can see how to change the settings on your Robox 3D Printer with this useful guide from CEL. Our Christmas Tree print took approximately 1hr 20 mins.


Step 4


Cut a square hole in the bottom of your Christmas Tree print with a craft or stanley knife.

Step 5

Drill a 3mm (approx) hole in the side of the 3D printed model using a small drill.


Step 6

Using wire cutters, remove approximately 2cm from the end of the USB cables so the wire fits through the hole you have just made.


Step 7

Solder together your Project Kit with the LED soldered to the main PCB, leaving out the USB/battery cables.

Step 8


Solder the USB wires that have been put through the side of the 3D printed model to the main PCB in their respective holes so the kit fits inside the 3D printed model.

Step 9

Plug your USB cable in to an available USB slot on your laptop or from a USB power supply to light up your very own 3D printed LED Christmas Tree!


...and there you have it. You have just successfully made your very own 3D printed LED Christmas Tree!

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