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Take a break from the hi-res courtesy of Emma's Pixel Clock made from our value acrylic sheets. This make is easy to make and will look great on your desk or on a shelf in your workspace. As always, the DXF files are downloadable for free. Use them to make one like ours or as the basis for your own designs!

We Used:


Making A Pixel Clock With Value Acrylic:

How To Make A Pixel Clock With Value cheap Acrylic sheets CAD

Download our free DXF file and either load it into your Laser cutter software or CAD software of your choice. Once you have the design to your liking, follow the steps below. 

Step 1:

Cut the base out of any material you want! The white Value Acrylic we have used for the face is a little light permeable and you can see colour through it, so we have used a white material as the base to make sure the face stays white.

How To Make A Pixel Clock With Value cheap Acrylic sheets Materials
Step 2:

Cut the pieces out of colours of your choice - we suggest White Value Acrylic for the face, Black Value Acrylic for the border, and either the same black for the numbers or an alternating pattern of any of the rest of our Value Acrylic colours. The spacer at the back can be any colour.

Step 3:

First, line up the face on the background and glue it down, and then fit the border pieces around the edge.

Pixel Clock made from our value cheap acrylic sheets
Step 4:

Cut out the numbers, and glue them into place alongside the white counters.

Step 5:

Push the Spacer, followed by the entire clock, onto the spindle of the clock movement. Then secure this all in place with the nut, and push your clock hands onto the movement.


And you're done!


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