How to Make An Ice Lolly Enclosure For Our Compact LED Torch Kit

We’re on our way towards summer, so our latest make is an icon of the season - an ice lolly! This fun enclosure for our new Keyring Torch (35160) shows just how effectively different acrylics can work together, and also how a simple design can make brown perspex look absolutely delicious! The shine on the show face gives it the look of chocolate sauce, which is exaggerated when it’s next to the matt pastels.

Follow Emma's instructions to make your own. If you make one share it was us on social media, and we'' retweet/share it with our followers! Let's get to it!

We Used:


Step 1 - To The laser Cutter:

Cut out the DXF! Above is the DXF as a diagram to show you what you need to cut from which material.


Step 2 - Assembling the laser cut parts:

Get gluing! As in the below picture, you should assemble the back (chocolate sauce and mint green spacers) and the front (strawberry sauce and clear spacers) separately. Make sure not to forget to glue in the white light accents!

During this process, make sure you glue one of the small circular offcuts onto the underside of the circular part in the tab you cut in the strawberry sauce. This will make sure you are able to turn on the torch by pressing down the tab to push the button.


Step 3 - Inserting the kit:

Push the board into the gap between the mint green spacers, and pop in a battery. Before you go ahead and glue on the top half, test fit it to see how the button mechanism interacts with the switch. I had to sand mine down lightly with a very small file to remove a couple of millimetres, just so the light wasn’t pressed on all the time. Once you have found the right height for your button mechanism, glue the two halves together carefully.



Step 4 - You’re done!

Take it for a test drive! You can see how ours turned out in the above image. If you make one, share it with us on social media and we'll retweet/share it with our followers!


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