Introducing: IsoSketch 3D Designing Tool
It's Friday which means new product day! This week we have added The Drawing Tool Company's IsoSketch 3D Design Tool, the ideal solution for producing accurate isometric drawings.  


  Suitable for beginners, students, and professionals, the IsoSketch is a plastic stencil with 10 different tools for producing those inch perfect sketches, yet remains pocket sized for transporting without fuss. Below is a video demonstration of just what can be achieved using the IsoSketch tool, provided by The Drawing Tool Company.
  We have also added a new range of 1% Tolerance Resistors available in packs of 100, and ranging from 22K to 3K3 resistance rating. The tighter tolerance makes them useful to have around for sensitive applications such as tuning circuits, like the ones found in our FM Radio Kit.   C3011_large_1_perecent_resistor   That's all for another week. Don't forget you'll never miss a product update when you subscribe to our newsletter, CLICK HERE!

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