Announcing the Kitronik Arcade for BBC micro:bit and MakeCode Arcade

Kitronik are proud to announce the release of the Kitronik Arcade for BBC micro:bit and MakeCode Arcade. Develop your coding skills with the new standard in all-in-one handheld gaming for the micro:bit! 

As you know, we are no strangers to the world of programmable handheld gaming solutions. The first handheld units we made were the :GAME ZIP 64 and then the :GAME controller. These were followed up by ARCADE for MakeCode and then the ZIP96 and Mini game controllers, both for Raspberry Pi Pico. The Kitronik Arcade for BBC micro:bit is the distillation of everything we have learned along the way and features the best of everything that came before it. If you want to learn to code, learning to write games is a great way to get started, and our new hand held gamer has everything you need right now and it also has the connectivity for everything you might need tomorrow. 

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Kitronik ARCADE for micro:bit and MakeCode Arcade:

The Kitronik ARCADE for BBC micro:bit and MakeCode Arcade is a handheld gaming platform designed specifically for use with the BBC micro:bit and the MakeCode Arcade editor, either write your own games and run them on Arcade or download existing games. The MakeCode Arcade editor is a great way to learn to code games. It features simple snap-together blocks that allow the user to build simple games within minutes. You can also write your code in Javascript and Python!

At a glance:

  • The Kitronik ARCADE for micro:bit is a feature-packed handheld gamepad for use with BBC micro:bit V2 and the Microsoft Arcade editor.
  • Write your own games to play or freely download games from the MakeCode Arcade website.
  • Use the wealth of educational material available to create a game from the ground up or tweak existing code and learn the open-source way.
  • It features a full-colour LCD 1.77” screen.
  • It also features; 6 gamer input buttons, a menu button, on/off switch.
  • The ARCADE breaks out the 0, 1, 2, 3V, GND pins from the micro:bit edge connector to croc-clippable pads below the screen.
  • The ARCADE is powered by 3xAA batteries (Not supplied, available separately here).



How To Order Outside of the UK

Over the years Kitronik has made many good friends around the world. Some of those good friends are suppliers that help us to reach customers outside of the UK.

The table below shows which of our friends have Kitronik ARCADE for micro:bit either in stock now, or some on the way. To buy from these suppliers, use the Buy locally from a partner section, located under the Add to cart button on our product pages, or use the links below to browse their listings.

Logo Name Country Link
The Pi Hut (uk) GBR
Podconsult DNK
SG Education IRL
Technologie Services SAS FRA
ETC Ed' Tech' Connection HKG




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