Kitronik Cafe: Sustainability in Maker Projects Ft. Cork & Bamboo

Bamboo and Cork are both amazing materials with super low environmental impact. Emma put together two very simple ideas with these two materials, using only a laser cutter! As always, we've included downloads of our DXF designs, you can use them as is, or as inspiration for your own designs.

Both materials are regarded as prime examples of sustainable materials as the same trees/plants can be harvested time and time again. If you are teaching, these resources can help to promote sustainable manufacturing by example. Not only can you personalise these for your needs, you will be doing it with fully sustainable materials that are also 100% recyclable.


 The Cup Sleeve:

What We Used:

This is a super easy make! Pop your Laser Cork on your Laser Cutter, then open the DXF on the software you use for your Laser. Engrave the part seen here in red, and cut all the way through the part in black! You can always customise the file too, adding your own branding or imagery to the sleeve. You can make the file slightly bigger or smaller if your cup is sized differently.

Once it comes off the laser, clean it up and pop the tab through the hole. Now you have a cool personalised cup sleeve to easily slide on a mug! The cork will keep your hands from burning or freezing while enjoying your beverages!


 The Non Slip Coaster:

What We Used: 

Another simple make, which makes use of the super handy pre-applied adhesive backing on some of our cork! Cut the plain circle from the cork, and then the etched circle from the bamboo. Then, after cleaning them up, peel the protective backing from the cork and pop them together as evenly as you can.

The cork will provide friction against a surface and the coaster, making it more difficult for the coaster to slip!


As you can see, you can get excellent results in no time and with no fuss. If you have a go at making these, we would love to see how you made them your own. If you post them to social media, be sure to use the #kitronikcafe hashtag so we can see them too! 



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