Kitronik And The microbit Foundation Visit Serbia
Along with Gareth James, Director of Educational Programs for the microbit Foundation, our own Tim Goodman visited the Serbian capital Belgrade last week to spread the word about the BBC microbit in education. kitronik-and-the-microbit-foudation-visit-serbia-870 They were to meet with Serbian Government Officials and also to talk to Teachers to introduce them to the microbit and the learning/teaching opportunities that it opens up.  

Kitronik And The microbit Foundation Visit Serbia:

Tim and Gareth were invited to attend a policy meeting at the Serbian Parliament where they presented the microbit, along with Kitronik accessories, and talked about the benefits of using the microbit to help drive STEM in Serbian education. kitronik-and-the-microbit-foudation-visit-serbia-tim-870 They were also invited to attend the New Technology in Education exhibition where they were able to meet with teachers and educators. The exhibition is in its 4th year and is driven by both the British Council and the British Embassy and aims to highlight the technologies that are available to teachers to help them cultivate the kind of skills that are needed in the modern world. kitronik-and-the-microbit-foudation-visit-serbia-group-870 The teachers that Tim and Gareth were able to speak to all expressed surprise at the low cost of the microbit and how easy it is to use and to connect to external devices, such as the Line Following Buggy, and also how it can be used to control and process input from electronic circuits, such as those found in the Inventors Kit for the BBC microbit. kitronik-and-the-microbit-foudation-visit-serbia-embassy-870 Although they had a full itinerary, it wasn't all work work work, they were also invited to the British Embassy for drinks with the Ambassador and his wife, which offered a few moments of calm amidst a very busy week.  

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