The Kitronik Mono Amp – New And Improved

Since its launch, the Kitronik Mono Amp has been one of our most popular kits, especially in the classroom. It’s quick and easy to build and delivers great results. It also offers a fantastic platform for designing custom enclosures. Whilst visiting schools recently, we learned that there was an opportunity for us to improve the kit for you.

You asked we listened, and then we delivered! The feedback we received centred around two additional features. A power status LED and an on/off switch. Now, it might seem that we're more excited than we ought to be but stick with us while we explore the requested features and find out why it’s made the kit so much more versatile.  


The Kitronik Mono Amp – New And Improved:

The Kitronik Mono Amp – New And Improved parts with new parts highlighted Before we get into it, we would like to point out that the original kit is still available. So, if these features aren’t for you, you can still choose the original Mono Amplifier Kit V3.0. Also, the improved kit only has three more components than the original kit; the LED, Switch, and an extra resistor. So, it’s still an easy build kit that can be soldered together by a novice in no time!    

The Kitronik Mono Amp  - Now With Added Status LED:

The Kitronik Mono Amp – New And Improved close up of board On the surface, it might not seem to be too exciting, but, it might just save the life of a couple of AA batteries near you. At a glance you can now tell if the circuit is still powered up or not, that also remains true if the kit is hidden away inside an enclosure. Instead of soldering the LED straight to the board, you can separate the two with some wire and mount the LED to a visible part of the enclosure.    

The Kitronik Mono Amp - Now With Added On/Off Switch:

The Kitronik Mono Amp – New And Improved switch Like the LED, the on/off switch will save your batteries, save you time, and make your enclosures more user-friendly! Now, pulling all of the batteries from the kits at the end of the lesson is optional. The LED will let you know if it’s still powered up and the on/off switch allows you to take swift action! As with the LED, you can connect the switch to the PCB with wire and mount the switch to an accessible part of an enclosure.    

Additional Bonus:

Good news! The new and improved version of the mono amp kit has the exact same PCB dimensions as the original kit! That means that, aside from making allowances for the switch and LED, the kit will still fit in your old enclosures! Designs merely need a tweak rather than a complete rethink!   If you are a school and want to try out a sample kit, head over to our sample request page. Look for 2173 mono amp with switch in the drop-down menu and order a sample today.  

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