Kitronik Timed Night Light Kit - Stacked Triangles Custom Enclosure

Emma's Timed Night Light Kit enclosure is the most complex new make from the 2022 Spring D&T Flyer, but it’s worth it! The triangular shade on top produces angular colour-shifting shapes on the wall and would make an excellent addition to any bedroom!

We Used:


Step 1 - Putting Together The Kit:

Put together the Kit, leaving the LED and light sensor on long legs, and attach the potentiometers using extra wire to extend them off the board.


Step 2 - To The Laser Cutter:

Open our DXF and cut/engrave as per the above diagram. Remember to engrave the labels from the laser laminate, then also cut the inner and outer circles out.


Step 3 -  Fitting The Battery Pack:

Build the battery pack enclosure on the bottom panel. There will be a gap in the inset box once it’s assembled, and this should be where the connector slots through. Use the two countersunk screws and two hex nuts to fix the battery cage into the enclosure.


Step 4 - Adding The Side To The Base:

Stick the edge around the base - using tape to hold it in place can be a good way to clamp it together. The cuts around the edge turn it into a “living hinge”, which is a way of cutting solid materials to make them flexible.


Step 5 - Joining The Kit & Lid Together:

Glue the PCB to the lid with your LED and Light Sensor in place in the two holes. Use your plastic glue between the spacers and lid.


Step 6 - Final Assembly Of The Base:

Hot Glue the potentiometers so that they line up with the holes in the edge. Make sure the single leg is upwards (this is the top). Making sure they are glued to the correct potentiometer hole, glue the labels on. When built, these potentiometers can be changed using a small screwdriver. Once this is all in place and dry, glue the lid on.


Step 7 - Adding The Laser Cut Triangles:

Glue the stacked triangles together, and glue them to the top of the lamp.


You're done! The final result should look like; 

or when in use;



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