Lo-Fi Découpage with MDF clock-faces and Quartz Clock Mechanisms

Découpage, according to Prima (link), is a craft which “involves cutting out pictures, gluing them to an object and then coating the pictures and the object with layers of varnish.”

This is a wonderfully simple craft from Emma that only requires the item you’re decorating, some glue, and some paper, whether that be some you’ve printed yourself, some pre-printed découpage paper, or even newspaper as we have used!

We used:


Step 1 - Choosing paper:

Start by choosing your paper. We’ve used a newspaper and cut out larger images for the background and as many significantly-sized numbers as we can find.


Step 2 - Glueing:

Grab your MDF clock face and your PVA, and start pasting! It can be beneficial to plan out your design first by just laying the paper on and even taking a photo so that you can compare different alignments.


Step 3 - Protective varnish:

Allow the PVA to dry, and then apply a layer over the top of the paper in order to act as a protective “varnish” to protect the paper.


Step 4 - Add the movement and test:

Once the top layer of PVA is dry, you can insert the short spindle clock movement. Then you’re done!




Project shopping list

For this project you will need the following items, you can adjust the quantities (including setting them to zero if you don't need the item), before pressing the "Buy all items" button.

MDF Clock Face, Round, pack of 10
Short Spindle Quart Clock Mechanism
Short Hands for Quartz Clock Movement

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