Masquerade in bright white LEDs
Want to give your masks a little more sparkle for Halloween? Theater design graduate and D&T teacher in training Olivia Morton shows you how to make a more striking and very intriguing Masquerade mask using white Sewable PCB LEDs and conductive thread.



This project uses two mini cell holders and two batteries, conductive fabric, conductive thread, and ten white Sewable PCB LEDs to create a much more striking masquerade mask. In the example shown the light shines through a lace overlay to create a soft feminine look, other looks can be created by using different fabrics and colours. This build is ideal for those with a little previous knowledge of E-Textiles and some basic textiles knowledge.

Level of difficulty:

  • Intermediate

Parts list

In order to add the LEDs to a masquerade mask you will need:

You will also need the following equipment:

  • Approx. 20cm x 40cm of cotton for a base fabric, and the same for a top fabric (lace in this instance)
  • A shop-bought mask to work onto (or you can make your own)
  • White cotton thread
  • PVA glue
  • Bondaweb
  • Ribbon
  • hook and loop fastener

Guide to adding LEDs to a masquerade mask.

First you need to cut out a piece of cotton fabric roughly the same shape as your mask, but with enough excess to be neatly tucked under. This will be the first layer. masquerade_mask_with_leds_560_03 The mask LEDs will light up only when the ribbons of the mask are tied so that they are only illuminated when the mask is worn. masquerade_mask_with_leds_560_09 So, when you are sewing the circuit, sew the negative side all the way along between the batteries and LED's, but stop it at the last LED. Do not connect the batteries and LED's on the positive side. masquerade_mask_with_leds_560_10 The positive side for the LED's will go down one ribbon, and the positive side of the batteries will go down the other. When they meet the circuit will be completed. masquerade_mask_with_leds_560_06 You can sew the LED's in any pattern you choose, just ensure that the circuit is laid out in the same way so that the positive and negative threads only meet when the ribbons are tied together. masquerade_mask_with_leds_560_21 For Olivia Morton's original Blog and step by step guide, CLICK HERE.

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