Making an E-Textiles safety LED Dog Collar in the Classroom

Safety is a great concept to build a project around. It Lends itself beautifully to some very engaging Lesson Objectives in a classroom environment.

This is why we are bringing you this guide - an in-depth Instructional blog from Emma on making your own LED dog collar to keep your dog safe on night walks!

We Used:
Step 1 - Print off the template

Print the amazing template from SeeKateSew! We used the large size, but check out how Kate suggests you using the template for the size of the dog which you are designing for.


Step 2 - Trace and cut:

Trace the collar size you have chosen on your fabric. We have added an optional neckerchief onto the collar at this stage by drawing a triangle underneath the template. Stack your fabric onto another piece and pin inside the template, then cut both pieces out and stitch together around the perimeter as shown below. Leave a small area unstitched as per the right image.


Step 3 - Sewing part 1:

Flip it inside out! Feed the whole piece through the hole you left in the last step, using a blunt item such as the back of a pencil to poke it through if you’re struggling. Topstitch about 1cm from the edge after it’s been flipped to secure.


Step 4 - Sewing part 2:

Repeat the previous steps on two long pieces which are each half of the same collar pattern used originally. Once cut, flipped and topstitched, sew each rectangular piece onto either side as shown.


Step 5 - Adding the electronics:

Now add your e-Textiles! An important note here is to make sure that your choice of conductive connector will meet when closed, so one part should be on one side of the collar, and the corresponding part should be on the other side.

This diagram shows how the circuit is sewn together in the collar.


Step 6 - Hiding the circuit:

Now that the circuit is in place, the main collar needs to be folded down to encase it all as in the below images. It will fold down twice as shown.

Then, accounting for the gap needed to account for the coin cell to be accessible, sew the bottom of the collar together. This will be a thick bundle of fabric to get a needle through so it should be hand sewn with a sharp needle, since it may be too much for a sewing machine to sew through.



Finally, you’re done! As a fun addition, if you have made the neckerchief as we did, then you can decorate it.





Project shopping list

For this project you will need the following items, you can adjust the quantities (including setting them to zero if you don't need the item), before pressing the "Buy all items" button.

Conductive Hook & Loop Strip - 2.5 cm x 10 cm
Electro-Fashion, 60 Student Bulk Pack - Flat LEDs

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