Materials Tech Talk - Living Hinges - Thurs 2nd of March at 10:30AM GMT

Kitronik and Smoke & Mirrors are back with another materials themed tech talk. Join Emma and Dominic as they explore living hinges. They'll discuss what they are, how to make them, and the materials that they recommend to use them with. Tune in to YouTube on Thurs 2nd of March at 10:30AM GMT to watch it all go down live.

We will also be answering questions, so be sure to ask anything that you want to know and we will do our best to answer them live on the day.

The Time, The Place;

  • The Time: Thurs 2nd of March at 10:30AM GMT.
  • The Place: YouTube Live.
  • The Subject: Living Hinges.


Living Hinges:

Living hinges (Kerf cutting/bending) This is a technique that has traditionally been associated with woodworking that allows you to bend the wood around a corner, as opposed to having separate pieces and a joint. As well as being a good practical solution it is also very aesthetically pleasing. This technique also works for bending acrylic sheets.

Click the button below to be transported to a related resource for making amplifier cases from acrylic that shows this technique in action.


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