Make an Edge Lit Flower with our Kitronik Tricolour LED Boards - An ideal gift for Mum

Create that perfect gift for mum, using one of our Kitronik Tricolour LED Boards. This layered light effect display will look great on the mantle piece.

Grab the file, follow Kev's guide, and make your own. The designs can be personalised and changed in any way you like. Please share pics of your makes with us on social media so that we can share them with all of our customers.

What we used:

STEP 1 - Sowing the seeds:

Download the supplied DXF file for your laser cutter and then go to town. Etch and cut the stand and the flower elements from their respective acrylic colours.


STEP 2 - Attach the base:

Using the short 6mm M3 countersunk screws attach the board to the base layer and build the rest of the base elements around the board, making sure you have access to the usb connection and the on/off button. Attach the whole base unit together using the 4 12mm M3 pan head screws.


STEP 3 - Plant the flower:

Drop in the clear etched acrylic pieces, aligning them in the correct notches, corresponding to the red, green, blue lights.


STEP 4 - Let there be light:

Plug the USB cable into the board and power supply, and switch it on.

Mum’ll love it!



Project shopping list

For this project you will need the following items, you can adjust the quantities (including setting them to zero if you don't need the item), before pressing the "Buy all items" button.

Kitronik Tricolour LED Board
Value Acrylic Sheet (Cast) 3mm x 600mm x 400mm
Clear Value Acrylic Sheet (Cast) 3mm x 600mm x 400mm
Counter sunk M3 screw, pack of 100
Pan Head M3 Machine Screw, pack of 100
1m USB Type-A to Micro-B USB Noodle Cable

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