New Product: 5V LED Desk Lamp Kit
Our new 5V LED Desk Lamp Kit is a great introduction to electronics and product design. This super bright kit containing 9 x super flux 5mm white LEDs and resistors to power them properly. This bright kit makes a brilliant and straight forward to make lighting unit that can be fitted to most projects very easily and could be used in lamps, models or as a USB powered light for your desk.


5V LED Desk Lamp Kit

The circuit board holds the 9 LEDs in a 3x3 square and has 3 x 33R resistors so you can run it directly from any 5v DC supply such as our Micro USB Breakout Board, with Power Switch or a 3xAA Battery Cage with leads and switch.


5V LED Desk Lamp Kit

You could make a lamp from almost anything you can find about the house. We decided to try it ourselves after being inspired whilst wandering around our local Ikea store. We always find when we go to Ikea that our trolley ends up full of cheap stylish little kitchenware knickknacks.


We found a £1.25 galvanized "Socker" plant pot and a 40p plastic "Speciell" ladle. The pot makes a great base and pen holder and the ladle the neck of our lamp. The dish of the ladle is the lampshade! To power the lamp we used a Kitronik Micro USB Breakout Board to add 5V of power and a switch. Some hot melt glue, some heavy washers to weigh the base down, a little packet of sugru and a cable time finished off a very quick project! 5v_led_desk_lamp_kit_560_02 You can make your own by following this Instructable from ChickenGrylls.

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