Live Tech Talk - Compact Motor Driver/Robotics boards - Mon 22nd Feb

The team at Kitronik are back with another Live Tech Talk. Following on from last months 5 Tech Talks, this time we will be looking at our range of Kitronik Compact Motor Driver boards. 

Kevin and Alasdair will go through each of the boards in turn and discuss features, uses and other related information. Ask your questions at anytime and we will ensure your question is answered live. 

The Time, The Place;

  • Live ReplayYouTube Live.
  • Thanks to everyone that came and thanks for the questions. 

There are three Compact Motor driver boards, you can find a brief outline of each below.


Kitronik Compact Motor Driver Board for the BBC micro:bit

Add motor driving capability to the microbit with the Kitronik compact motor driver board for the BBC micro:bit. This motor driver board allows two motors to be driven simultaneously with forward, reverse & stop control, making it ideal for designs such as buggies.

The board includes an integrated Edge Connector for your BBC micro:bit to easily slot into. It also features external connections to the button A and button B inputs. 

Kitronik Compact All-In-One Robotics Board for BBC micro:bit

With the Kitronik Compact Robotics Board, the BBC micro:bit can be used to drive 4 motors (or 2 stepper motors) and 8 servos. Coupled with 17 other I/O expansion points, this means the BBC micro:bit can very easily become the core of a whole variety of robotics projects. 

The Robotics Board features 2 Dual H Bridge Motor Driver ICs (capable of driving 2 standard motors or 1 stepper motor each) and 8 servo outputs (capable of driving standard and continuous rotation servos)

Kitronik Compact 16 Servo Driver Board for the BBC micro:bit

Take your robotics project to the next level with the Kitronik compact 16 servo driver board for the BBC micro:bit. This board allows up to 16 Remote Control (RC) servos to be driven simultaneously. It is based on the PCA9865 driver IC. 

Power is provided via either a terminal block or servo style connector. The supply is then controlled by an on/off power switch to the board. There is also a green LED to indicate when the board is turned on. 

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