Tech Talk - New LED strip & Torch - Thurs 14th July @ 10:30AM BST

The Kitronik team are back with another Tech Talk. This time we've got an exciting double bill. The new USB LED Strip with Light Sensor and, the new White LED Keyring Torch Pre-built. Alasdair & Emma will go through each of the kits and explore their features and how they might be deployed in the wild.

We will also be answering questions live, so be sure to ask anything that you are unsure about. We also have some resources to share with you to help you got the most out of your kit straight away!

The Time, The Place;

  • The Time: Thurs 14th July @ 10:30AM BST
  • The Place: YouTube Live.
  • The Subject: The new USB LED Strip with Light Sensor and, the new White LED Keyring Torch Pre-built.


Kitronik USB LED Strip with Light Sensor:

The Kitronik LED strip with a sensor has been specifically designed for use in custom enclosures for low-power lighting. The onboard sensor makes it the perfect choice for a night light or desk illumination that comes on when the ambient light levels drop. If desired, the sensor can be bypassed with a flick of a switch for continuous lighting.



Kitronik White LED Keyring Torch Pre-built:


This pre-built White LED Keyring Torch offers the perfect solution for designing custom enclosures. The user doesn't have to solder or assemble anything, it comes pre-built and ready to go. Just add the included CR2032 coin cell battery and press the momentary button...light! This kit was designed with a Design and Technology lesson in mind, students can get straight to designing a case without any fuss or soldering-iron related injuries.




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