Tech Talk - :VIEW Graphics128 OLED display - Thurs 9th September @ 2:00PM

The live tech talk team are back with another instalment of live chat. Join us on YouTube on the 9th September at 2:00PM GMT for information and live Q&A. This time we'll be taking a close look at the Kitronik :VIEW Graphics128 OLED display 128x64 for BBC micro:bit

Kevin and Dave will run through the features and they will answer any questions you have live.

The tech talks take place on Youtube, so you can type your question into chat and we will hop right on it. 

The Time, The Place;

    • The Time: Thurs 9th September @ 2:00PM
    • The venue: YouTube Live.
    • The Subject: Kitronik :VIEW Graphics128 OLED display


Tech Talk - Kitronik :VIEW Graphics128 OLED display - Thurs 9th September @ 2:00PM

The Kitronik :VIEW Graphics128 OLED display gives the user the ability to add a monochrome 128x64 display to the BBC micro:bit. The onboard edge connector allows the micro:bit to slot into the board without any additional fixings. The board also features a micro:bit style I/O connector which means it can be slotted into any other micro:bit accessory that has a slot for inserting a micro:bit.



All of the pins from the BBC micro:bit are tracked through to provide the edge pads with the full usage of the BBC micro:bit, with the addition of a display. As the micro:bit slots directly into the board, no tools, fixings, or soldering are required.

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