Valentines 2021 Project Ideas For The Laser Cutter

Valentines 2021, we might be all but confined to base this year but if you're lucky enough to still have access to a laser cutter, we've got some great idea starters for you. We've got a full set of place mats, coasters, napkin rings, and drink stirrers. It's all here!

As always, there are free dxf files that you can take straight to the laser cutter. Also, we've included the Ai files, so you can make them your own before cutting them out.

Things You'll Need:

Valentines 2021 Project Ideas For The Laser Cutter:

 All of the designs are very simple this year as the emphasis is on personalisation, hence the Ai files. Once you have a design finalised, there are still a couple of paths that you could take. You could go straight for the engraved option or you could cut the object from one material and the inner design from another and then glue them together.

You could even stick some cork to the underside of your mats and coasters. As luck would have it, we stock some with an adhesive backing. 

The Designs: 

The coasters and mats are a very simple design. As was hinted at above, you can either engrave the hearts or cut them out. If you are going to engrave them, consider using a laminate as this could make for some interesting outcomes. If you want to cut them out, consider cutting the hearts from a contrasting material and then glue them into the mats/coasters. See the place mats in this resource.


Again, we've gone for simple designs here. Either use them as is, or use the Ai files to add some personalisation.

Material Choice & Laser Cutting: 

We've listed a few likely candidates for materials choices at the top of this article, hopefully enough to go nicely with any space. Once you've got your material chosen and ready, head to the laser cutter for the main event. 



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