Four Festive Project Ideas From Kitronik For Christmas 2020

Christmas is drawing closer and the excitement in the office is growing rapidly. We want to share some of our excitement with you with a few simple yet effective projects that could brighten up any room with festive energy. We've made four original festive designs, so you could make them one a week until the week before Christmas. All of these are laser cutter projects, so we have provided the DXFs for each of these designs. 

One Project every week until Christmas:

The makes contain a number of interesting materials but our Glitter Acrylic features quite heavily. It's almost as if it were designed specifically for Christmas, the colours fit nicely and it sparkles magnificently! 

You can either grab all of the DXF files here, or pick just the ones you want from below each project idea. Let's get to it!


Table Mats And Coasters:

We Used:

These coasters are simple yet extremely effective! Simply use the provided DXF file to cut two identical coasters each in a different material. Then, swap the snowflakes and larger panels between the two, and glue together! You can customise endlessly with a number of colours and materials.


Simple Baubles:

We Used:

These baubles will bring a personal touch to any tree! Using the provided blank bauble, insert any name you’d like in the space. Make sure to use a laser-friendly typeface if you plan to cut all the way through. You can also engrave the name and snowflake instead.


Tree Topper:

We Used:

For this make, we first cut the star outline out of red Perspex®. Then we cut the full design out of gold glitter acrylic. To do this, you will need to combine the two DXF files provided and place the inner design inside the outline. Once these were both cut, we carefully used plastic glue to mount the gold star onto the red outline. You can again vary the colours used here to match your other decorations!


Drink Stirrers:

We Used:

The simplest of all of these makes, that will make any drink sparkle! Simply have your laser cut these three stirrer outlines out of any material you choose, providing it’s waterproof of course!


 Some Further Inspiration:


While we had the laser fired up and some Glitter Acrylic to hand, we cut out a few extra pieces, just because! We think these would make a great addition to any tree, a bit of fishing wire or thread and a small bit of tape and done! 

More Christmas Project Ideas:


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