:MOVE mini Santa Sleigh
Ensure that Santa delivers the presents on time with the :MOVE mini Santa Sleigh, for day nine of our 12 Makes of Christmas. We're going to decorate a :MOVE mini for the BBC microbit and also the Tipper Truck add-on, laser cut Rudolph's head and 3D print some presents! move-mini-christmas If you don't have access to a laser cutter or 3D printer you will need to hand cut Rudolph's head from a 3mm material of your choosing and make the presents from something that can be moulded or cut to size. Once the pieces are cut you can then decorate them in a similar fashion to the ones shown below. Let's get making!  

You Will Need:


:MOVE mini Santa Sleigh:

move-mini-santa-sleigh-12-makes-christmas-all-1000 Once decorated, your sleigh should look something like the one in the above photograph. This is a great little project that is perfect for getting the youngsters involved in.  

Step 1:

move-mini-santa-sleigh-12-makes-of-christmas-decorate-1000 Cut Rudolph’s face with two gradients of engraving, remove the front ‘:Move’ piece and attach to the front of the :Move mini – I found that blu-tac did the job of holding the piece on to the front of the micro:bit.  

Step 2:

move-mini-santa-sleigh-12-makes-of-christmas-panels-1000 Colour in the panels on your :Move mini and Trailer – Use a marker pen or paint.  

Step 3:

move-mini-santa-sleigh-12-makes-of-christmas-presents-1000 Also, print out these 3D presents or make your own to put in Santa’s sleigh! Colour them in with a marker pen or paint.  

Step 4:

All that remains is to add some code to your :MOVE mini code to keep Rudolph's nose lit up and Santa's can now proceed with his deliveries!   This concludes the ninth of our 12 Makes of Christmas, we'll be back tomorrow with another festive making activity. You can check out the other Makes of Christmas, here.  

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