How to make a simple Valentines Lamp with a Candle Effect LED

This February 14th, light up your loved one’s life a little with a fun floral lantern make! Follow along with Emma's instructions and make your own. As always, we provide the design as a free download.


We Have Used:


How We Made It:

Step 1 - The Parts:

Open up the DXF! The diagram below shows a shaded-in version of the file defining which parts belong to which areas of the make.


Step 2 - Assemble the Base:

Assemble the base - Use a wood glue (PVA) to attach the candle holder to the base, making sure you clamp the wood to ensure a secure bond.


Step 3 - Assemble the Candle LED Tealight:

Assemble the LED tealight - there is a more in-depth standalone blog for this make HERE. Stack and glue the wood, then once dry slot the Coin Cell and LED into the slot.


Step 4 - Assembly 1 - The sides:

Push the side panels together gently - the design can be a little fragile in places. Wiggling the finger joints together can be a good way to gently attach them.


Step 5 - Assembly 2 - The sides & Base:

Attach the sides to the bottom, with the tealight sitting in the centre of the candle holder. You may need to gently use percussive force to push the finger joints in, such as a very small and light rubber hammer.


Step 6 - Assembly 3 - Top on & done:

Put the top on, using a little force as you did with the base. Now you’re done!

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