Colour Changing 10mm Diffused LED - 750mCd

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Further Information

I'm testing one of our students work but finding the LED's are very dim on 5v. Tried up to 12v and very bright but not switching colours. I am thinking the LED's have been cooked a bit? The student is wanting 5 LED's working off a USB power cable. She has connected all the positive legs together and the same for the negative legs!
Asked by: keith
Hi Keith,

Thank you for your email, unfortunately yes I think those LEDs are quite dead now they have had 12V run through them. This circuit is reasonably resistant but with that much power it is likely dead. Generally these kind of kits have a very small switching circuit inside to change between three colours of blue, red and green. At 12V either the switching circuit has burned out or the other two colours has as well.

These LEDs are only 750mcd which means they are not the brightest LED so probably that was the correct brightness when you had it at the 5V.

Best regards

Answered by: Cullen Lewis

does the led light have to be wired to your usb port lead in a correct polarity as I cant see anything on the light to tell me which way is which?
Asked by: Julia Richardson
Hi Julia, Yes these LEDs have a correct polarity to make them work. There are 2 ways to tell which the positive/negative side is, the first is that one leg should be longer than the other this longer leg should be the positive leg. The second is that on the LED plastic housing at the bottom there will be a flat edge, this flat edge should be on the same side as the short leg and shows the negative side.
Answered by: Michael Lockhart


I want to connect this directly to a 3V lithium battery - can you confirm that this is enough voltage for the LED to work and cycle through all the colours?

Many thanks
Asked by: Adrian Clark

Hi Adrian, This should be fine, we use the 5mm version of this LED in our electro-fashion range and this runs off a 3V coin cell battery without a problem.

Answered by: Michael Lockhart

Is there a 10mm colour changing, clear (not diffused), led available please. We are trying to uplight small clear ( 20cm high )glass sculptures and need the extra brightness but a clearer light.
Asked by: Carol Knights

Hi Carol, Unfortunately the only colour changing LED’s we have are diffused. The only other alternative we have is an RGB LED, colour changing LEDs you would then use a micro controller to change the colour that the LED outputs.

Answered by: Michael Lockhart

As this requires 5v - would I still need a resistor if I used a 9v battery? If so, what resistor would you recommend please. Thanks, Dave
Asked by: Dave Kirwin
The LED needs to run off 5V, you are best using a 5V regulator to achieve this as you will always get 5V irrespective of the current consumption of the LED. The LED works by turning on different amounts of red, green & blue LEDs therefore to get red just the red LED is on to get purple the red and blue LED are on. This means that the current consumption of the LED when purple will be twice the current or the red as twice as many colours are on. The way you would normally work out the current limit resistor is to look at how much current the LED takes and the voltage that would drop across the resistor, the issue is that whilst there would be 4V over the resistor the current is variable. This means that you can't work out what the value of the resistor using theory. If it is possible to keep the vo ltage on the LED in specification across the full colour range then you may be able to drop the voltage using a resistor however I couldn't guarantee that it would work or recommend the resistor value.
Answered by: Geoff Hampson

Is the brightness specification correct 1000mCd @ 25mA ? This figure is the same as the 5mm version.
Asked by: keithy
If you mean these colour changing LEDs then yes You can connect them directly to the USB power supply without the need for a current limiting resistor.
Answered by: Aaron Sturman

Do you a supply a board or wire which these LEDs can be connected into? I am looking at using a 100 of these in 10 x 10 rows and the either have them plugged in to mains (with a resistor, if you can supply) .
Asked by: Harry
You could use this power supply without a resistor it should be able to power 100 of the colour changing LEDs. If it struggles when a lot of the LEDs change to the more power hungry colours you may wish to use 2 power supplies with 50 LEDs on each. As for a board to do this, you could try these . One last thing, the colour changing LEDs don't stay in synch for very long, they all have slightly different timings so after a few cycles they are all showing different colours. If you want control over the colours you would
need to use or the common anode version and some circuitry to control the timing of the colours.
Answered by: Aaron Sturman

How long does it take to cycle through the colours?
Asked by: Dave Edwards
It takes about 45 seconds.
Answered by: Kevin Spurr

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