Perspex Stag - The Judd School
Do you want to show your Design and Technology conquests in Perspex on your wall? One of Mr Reay's GCSE students from The Judd School in Kent has come up with a very effective way of showing one of the many ways Perspex is used in Schools in the form of a 3D stag trophy head.


This stag trophy head was designed as a GSCE project which we think you'll agree look stunning. It features Clear Frosted Perspex that was laser cut. It has been designed meticulously and is lit up with a strip of LEDs underneath to highlight the outline of the sculpture.


Perspex is a hardy plastic and is a versatile material that can be cut, drilled, laser cut and thermoformed. All of our Perspex sheets are made by Perspex and come with a guaranteed 10 year lifespan. We would love to see your designs and feature them as a blog or as a gallery on our website. You can send the photos to this email address. You can sign up to our newsletter here if you want to keep up to date with new products here at Kitronik!

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Angus Hinton

Angus Hinton

Thank you very much for writing such a complimentary post about my GCSE lamp.

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