David Booth's Incredible Fluorescent Perspex Sculpture
On a couple of occasions earlier this year, between April and June, we waved David Booth off with an arm full of fluorescent Perspex sheets, all cut to their uniform size. With our fluorescent bulk packs flying off the shelves and with David's promise to send us images of the 'Perspex sculpture' once it's finished, we have all been super excited to see the final thing. We always love to see how our customers make use of and personalise our products after they've been heaped onto the back of a UPS lorry at the end of our working day - and this one has blown us away!


David's sculpture project stands proudly at The House of St Barnabas, Soho, London for PATCH London, which exhibits the most inspiring and uplifting visual art from established and emerging artists. David chose 'to use florescent acrylic that has been laser-cut to accentuate the bright edge and so that it can be sculpted into what appears as the net of a 3D software model.' See what more David has to say about the project below and for more awesome images!

Aim high and go on an amazing journey.

Perspex large_800px 'Having been given the opportunity to create a sculpture for the courtyard of the House of St Barnabas I wanted my work to be site specific; both responsive to the physicality of the space, and the context. The House of St Barnabas’ aim can be abbreviated to ‘aim high and go on an amazing journey’ – and it is from this that I took my inspiration. I decided to site my installation on top of the courtyard pagoda, using it as a plinth – literally aiming high.' Perspex large4 Perspex large2 'I wanted to reference the domestic; the home and the person, therefore, I decided my starting point should be a ‘place mat’ as used when dining. I decided to create a multiple derived from a rectangle to enable me to create a visual journey. I wanted the work to flow and climb to reflect the ambition of the House of St Barnabas. The scale of the work is ambitious to reflect its context and to further enhance the ambition that things can be made even better.' Perspex large7 Perspex large5 'I have researched and included augmented reality element to reflect the wish to enhance the future and visually extend the journey beyond what is currently being achieved. I have chosen to use florescent acrylic and it has been laser-cut to accentuate the bright edge, so that it can be sculpted into what appears as the net of a 3d software model. The augmented reality extension has the potential to look more real than the physical sculpture, making capture images and video interesting to read. Through this project I have begun my own journey looking at how future technology can continue to enhance my practice and the ambition for my work.' Click here for the full gallery.

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