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Selecting 3D Printer Filament - Kitronik University Print your own cases and accessories with our 'designed for Kitronik' 3D models.

Light of Night Orb


Warm your room with this 1W LED 3D printed light orb here and buy the 1W LED Lamp Kit here.

Retro FM Radio Kit.


Print your own retro radio case here, and purchase the FM Radio kit to bring it to life here.

Light of Night


Make this energy-efficient Light of Night tea light without any of the hazards of traditional tea lights. You can add the 1W LED kit here.

Stereo Speaker Set Curved Design.


Especially designed for our Deluxe Stereo Amplifier Kit you can find this eye catching case for here.

Unbeatable Beats


This 3D printed boom box is designed to be hung on walls with no corners but curves! Make this with the 3W Stereo Amplifier.

Hex Speaker (Mono).


Print out this hexagonal Mono Amplifier Kit speaker case designed especially for us here.

Personal Stereo Speaker Set.


A Deluxe Stereo Amplifier Kit case which you can download for 3D printing here.

Colour Changing Minecraft Cube.


This Minecraft Cube uses our Colour Changing USB Lamp Kit to make an interesting Minecraft Cube here.

Destiny Cabal Phalanx.


This iconic Cabal Legionnaire from Destiny uses our LED Torch Kit and can be download here.

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