3D Printed Desktop 5V LED Lamp Resource
My name is Sean Drummond, I’ve just completed my second year product design BSc at Nottingham Trent University and I am currently doing a 12-month placement with Kitronik before going back to complete my final year. Since joining Kitronik I have been given a number of projects to work on, one of these is a 3D printed lamp resource to fit our 5V LED lamp kit. I thought that this would make a great learning resource as it highlights what a great prototyping technology 3D printing is.

Desktop 5v LED Lamp -resource-1-870

This 3D printed lamp resource has been designed for the 5V LED lamp kit. This enclosure shows that even with a prototype style manufacturing platform, it is possible to produce production quality products. The design was printed on our Robox 3D printer, using White Colourfab XT for the exterior and Green/Blue PLA for the interior, however any colours can be used to create the contrasting aesthetic.

Desktop 5v LED Lamp -resource-7-870

The lamp has minimal overhangs which makes it very easy to print and also removes the need to remove support material after the print has completed.

Desktop 5v LED Lamp -resource-10-870

Desktop 5V LED Lamp Design Aims:

  • Simple & Clean design.
  • Very easy 3D print.
  • Easy assembly.
  • Hides cables.
  • Fits designated kit.

Desktop 5v LED Lamp -resource-2-870

Every designer is different and will start the process of design in a different way. As a designer with an engineering background, I tend to design from the inside - out, and consider the function and manufacturability before the aesthetic.

Desktop 5v LED Lamp -resource-3-870

For example, before starting, I knew this product was to be 3D printed, therefore I wanted a design with minimal or no overhangs as these can be the key to great surface finish.

Desktop 5v LED Lamp -resource-4-870

It can be quite difficult to create a striking design with such a simple shape, however using heavily contrasting colours can greatly improve the overall look of a design. The lamps were created in Autodesk's 3D package, Fusion 360.

Desktop 5v LED Lamp -resource-5-870

Quick Tip:

If you press 'S' on the keyboard, it brings up the search function, where you can type the first couple of letters of any feature and it will bring them up in a list you can select from. This saved me loads of time!  

Time to Print:

Desktop 5v LED Lamp -resource-8-870 Using Robox's open source software AutoMaker I set them off to print! One of the great things about Robox printers are that they use smart reels which tell the printer what material it is using, this means the printer automatically sets the head and bed temperature. Desktop 5v LED Lamp -resource-12-870 For more advanced users you can adjust these to suit the print better, the settings I found best for this particular print were;


  • Material - PLA
  • Temperature - 195
  • Flow - 100%
  • Infill - 20-25%


  • Material - ColourFab XT
  • Temperature - 235
  • Flow - 100%
  • Infill - 20-25%
Although this is what worked best for us, you may find for your individual printer the settings may be different. If you are experiencing issues with prints, you may find this link useful.

Desktop 5v LED Lamp -resource-9-870

Issues I Faced:

The product is printed in three components, the interior, exterior and the battery cover. The inside and outside components slide together to form the product, so when the first prototype came off the printers, there was no gap between them. Resulting in a very strong friction fit where even standing on the two pieces couldn't push them together, that's when we brought out the hammer!

Desktop 5v LED Lamp -resource-6-870

To resolve this issue the interior was made 0.35mm smaller, which allowed the product to be pressed together by hand.

Desktop 5v LED Lamp -resource-13-870

I used the ColourFab XT for the outer shell as it is very strong compared to both PLA and ABS, however any of the smart reel materials could be used.


Desktop 5v LED Lamp -resource-11-870

  • Push together the interior and exterior components, these should slide inside one another without too much difficulty.
  • For the rectangular desk-lamps, mount the switch through hole and use nuts provided to secure in position. The bulb design does not need this step as there isn't a switch, as can be seen in the above photograph.
  • Insert the components into the designated slots, and feed excess wire into the battery slot.
  • Place cover over the back of the electronics and screw into place using an M3 screw.

Desktop 5v LED Lamp -resource-14-870


Download Our Design Files:


Mark Donnison

Mark Donnison

Hi Mark, I've emailed you the Fusion 360 file. I hope this helps.

Mark Prowle

Mark Prowle

Hi, I have just ordered the above kit for my yr9 DT classic Australia , would it be possible to have the native fusion 360 files so that it would be possible to edit them. great project idea. thanks mark

Mark Donnison

Mark Donnison

We would love to, time permitting.



Can you please make tutorial on how to do this on cad pls thks

Mr George Baker

Mr George Baker

Hey Mark, Thanks for the email! The .step files that you attached will do the job just fine. Thanks for doing that and i will add the LED light kit to my next Kitronik order. Received my latest order from you yesterday and everything was fine. Thanks again, George

Mark Donnison

Mark Donnison

Hi George, Sean is completing his final year at University but will be back with us after the summer. In the meantime, I will try to rustle them up for you.

Mr George Baker

Mr George Baker

Hey Sean, Congratulations on your achievements so far! This is a great project, but could you possibly post links to the native fusion 360 files so it would be possible to edit them. The reason being that I only have access to a 3d printer with a small print area, so I would need to split the components and create some sort of lap joint to join them securely. Thanks in advance, George

Mrs Sinclair

Mrs Sinclair

Dear Sean Thank you for sharing this, it looks a excellent project. I look forward to trying it. I hope all goes well in your final year Regards Julia

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