5 Easter Craft Ideas Using Polyethylene Foam Sheets
Easter is fast approaching, and with us all being indoors, it may not have been the Bank Holiday weekend you might have hoped for. That's why we thought it would be a great idea to get the creative juices flowing and create some Easter-inspired decorations that are perfect to do with your family. Various Easter crafts using Polyethylene Foam Sheets All of these decorations were made using Kitronik Polyethylene Foam Sheets which are super affordable and very easy to use! They work perfectly for crafts just like these and we stock a wonderful range of colours that are nice and bright for Easter time. Without any further ado, let's get inspired and make some Easter crafts...  

What you will need:

The great thing about crafts is that most households will have these items already, so it's super easy to get started. Please note that scissors will be required, so an adult must accompany younger children when cutting out shapes and such. Although we won't be showing you exactly how to make them, for all of these Easter decorations, you will only need these items or less:
  • Polyethylene Foam Sheets (in any colour)
  • Bunny/Egg/Chick Templates
  • Scissors
  • Glue/Sellotape/Double-sided Tape
  • Pen/Pencil
  • String/Ribbon
  • Any other decorations

Decoration 1: Bunny Bunting!

Bunny Bunting Add a bit of colour to your home this Easter with Bunny Bunting! Get colourful with your craft foam and experiment with a range of fantastic colours. It's super simple to make and looks great when hung up! All you need is craft foam, a bunny template which we found on Google Images and string or ribbon!
  • Draw around the bunny template onto the craft foam and cut the shape out (as many times as needed).
  • Measure the area you'd like to hang the bunting, add extra for tying the bunting to something if necessary and cut ribbon/string accordingly.
  • Place bunnies evenly along the string, leaving gaps at each end, and sellotape the bunnies onto the string

Decoration 2: Pick a Pencil Topper, Any Pencil Topper!

Easter Pencil Toppers Got to get your homeschooling done but want to add a little touch of Easter to get the kids excited for the big day? These Pencil Toppers might be the perfect decoration! Choose any character or shape you like, from bunnies to chicks! It's very creative and something for the younger children to get stuck into! All you need is craft foam, a template of any kind and any other decorative things you'd like to add to your design!
  • Choose your template and draw around it onto the craft foam and cut out the shape.
  • Decorate how you would like, remembering that two sliced holes will need to go into the middle of the shape.
  • Using scissors, cut two slices one on top of the other, and slide your pen/pencil through the cuts.

Decoration 3: Make a Bunny Disguise!

Make a Bunny Disguise! Doing an egg hunt in the garden this weekend? Why not get your kids into the spirit and make these adorable Bunny Masks! Then you can hop into your garden, and really get into character! Another really simple design that children can make to let their creative minds wander. All you will need is craft foam, a bunny mask template, decorative pieces and string or elastic!
  • Get your template (which may differ in size depending on the age of wearer) and draw around it onto the craft foam.
  • Cut around the shape, making sure to cut around the eyes, but not the ears! Use another colour foam to create the ears and stick them onto the mask.
  • Create two holes each side and cut your string/elastic to the appropriate size and create knots to hold the mask in place.

Decoration 4: Happy Easter Hanger!

Happy Easter Hanger Let your household know that it is time to get into the Easter spirit with this Happy Easter Hanger. A simple, but effective decoration to brighten up the home during these difficult times. Include any animal, shape or colour you want to really make it your own design. Plus, it's a big enough project to get the kids working together to create a lovely decoration! All you will need is craft foam, templates for the shapes (if required) and decorations. It's super simple!
  • Draw a large circle on the craft foam, and a smaller circle inside to create the hanger shape. Then cut out.
  • Using templates or by drawing, cut out the various shapes and stick them onto your hanger to create a unique decoration.
  • Cut out a long rectangle and a circle at the top to create a hole so that you can hang the decoration up. Stick this onto the back of the hanger.

Decoration 5: Retro Rabbit Hat!

Easter Retro Bunny Hat Having a special dinner this Easter? It shouldn't just have to be Christmas where we can wear festive hats, it can be Easter too! This Retro Rabbit Hat is a super fun way to add that little extra touch to the dinner table! Plus, you can even personalise it by writing family members names onto the hat so they can keep it for next year too! All you will need is craft foam, a bunny template and various shaped foam around the hat.
  • Roughly measure the size of the wearers head and then measure the craft foam accordingly.
  • Using a bunny template, and any other shapes you want to include, draw around the templates and cut these out.
  • Stick the shapes onto the hat and sellotape the back of the hat securely.
  We hope you liked having a browse at just a few of these Easter-inspired crafts that you can join in with using our Polyethylene Foam Sheets. Want to have a go? Make sure to tag us on Twitter or Instagram so that we can share your creations with everyone! From all of us at Kitronik, stay home, stay safe and Happy Easter!  

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