Allenomis Enter The Fold Bring Their Responsive Textiles Designs to Maker Faire UK
Enter The Fold is the work of printed textile designer/maker Lynsey Calder. Lynsey's practice could be described as mixed media and is based in smart textiles involving anything from printed and folded silk to more recently taxidermy and colour changing resin. Primarily a printed textile designer, Lynsey also explores shape and movement through origami techniques. She uses 'smart' materials such as colour changing thermochromic dyes and light emissive fluorescent dyes that can react in different environmental conditions to explore the possibilities of surface design. Her prints and fabrics take many forms - standalone prints, constructed textiles and time based electronically controlled costume pieces. By exploring the possibilities of mixing technology with traditional printing techniques, Lynsey aims to design and develop colour changing textile landscapes. The work can be described as a kind of textile topography.

Enter the Fold

We met Annalisa and Lynsey at the UK Maker Faire 2014, who were exhibiting from their Allenomis Enter The Fold stand just opposite us. The Thermochromic Tutu (above, right) was Lynsey’s project that she prototyped while working at Heriot Watt on a 'smart' costumes project, which, impressively, is controlled by Arduino and over 3000 hand soldered heat sinks! Lynsey continued to work on finishing the costume after that project and employment finished and produced the finished surface mount electronically controlled Thermochromic skirt. This is the kind of thing that Lynsey works on as well as colour changing origami and running workshops. Enter the Fold3

Lynsey checking the tutu panels and attaching them to Anouk

IMG_3316_800px IMG_3318_800px IMG_3321_800px

Thermochromic skirt

Annalisa's work also exhibited at the Maker Faire: climate responsive clothing that changes pattern with heat and light and can also be transformational in its appearance and use. She is also experimenting and designing with the aniomagic system. Click here for the Allenomis collection! Her and her partner also designed and made the flat pack mannequins and table that they printed their work on (below). Enter the Fold4

 Annalisa assembling the flat pack mannequin


A sample of Annalisa's climate responsive clothing


Clothing changing pattern in response to sunlight

IMG_3346_800px Annalisa and Lynsey have just recently got together to collaborate and are in the beginnings of developing new work. They have been working as a team to deliver colour-changing screen-print workshops and to develop smart textiles, E-Textiles, innovative clothes and other exciting ideas. For more information regarding Enter The Fold's workshops and teaching/talks in visual research, silk screen-printing on textiles and paper, smart textiles, textile design, prototyping and ideas generation, click here. IMG_3325_800px

Allenomis Enters The Fold's colour changing bags

Click here for Allenomis Enter the Fold’s Maker Faire UK 2014 Blog.

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