BETT Show 2016 Highlights
bett_show_2016_kitronik_stand_870 Last week, we were excited to be one of the three partners of the BBC showcasing the BBC micro:bit at the BETT Show 2016. Geoff, one of our directors gave a talk about the use of the BBC micro:bit with external accessories.

Kitronik at the BETT Show 2016


Geoff showing the programming options of the BBC micro:bit

We were amazed at the amount of interaction from everyone who visited us in the STEAM village. Our hands-on BBC micro:bit powered crane and line-following buggy even attracted the attention of Sangho Jo - President for Samsung UK & Ireland!


Sangho Jo - President of Samsung UK having a go with our BBC micro:bit powered crane


BBC's Jane Wakefield having a go with the BBC micro:bit powered crane

We were also hugely excited to announce the launch of BBC micro:bit accessories. You can see the details of these products here. There were some other really interesting highlights including an LED dress made from over 4000 LEDs!


4000 LED Dress

By far, the star attraction was the 1,000 BBC micro:bit matrix display. We came up with the design of the display which proved to be very popular! You can read all about how it was made here.


Geoff hooking up the BBC micro:bit display at the start of the day

We've also been featured in the highlights of the BETT Show 2016! You can see all of the action below:
We really enjoyed the BETT Show 2016 and we can't wait to see what the BETT Show 2017 brings!

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