Breaking News: Announcing micro:bit V2

Today sees the next chapter in the micro:bit story unfold with the announcement of micro:bit V2. It's been talked about for a while and now it's finally here! This isn't just a new firmware update either, it's a new board with new tech and new features! If you are familiar with the original microbit, then you'll feel immediately at home with version 2 as it is the same size and shape and looks very similar. 

The good news is that all of the original micro:bit features are also present in version 2. Additionally, the blocks in the MakeCode editor for the old features are exactly the same. If you have experience of micro:bit V1, the learning curve for V2 is very shallow, get to grips with the new features and you are all set!


Announcing micro:bit V2:

The latest version of micro:bit brings its new features and enhancements without requiring that you rebuild your projects, anywhere V1 fit --V2 will fit also. Let's see what the new board can do!

  • USB, Radio, serial, and Bluetooth connectivity.
  • A Compass and Accelerometer.
  • 2 x user-assignable buttons.
  • A fully programmable 25 LED display.
  • 25 pin notched edge connector.
  • Onboard speaker.
  • MEMs Microphone with LED indicator.
  • Touch-sensitive logo.
  • Light level sensing.
  • Temperature sensing.
  • Built-in sleep/off mode allowing the board to be powered-down with batteries connected.
  • A discrete regulator that can supply up to 200mA of current to external accessories.


Breaking News: Announcing micro:bit V2 callout

What's New/Enhanced In microbit V2:

  • The new features are;
    • Onboard speaker. 
    • MEMs Microphone with LED indicator.
    • Touch-sensitive logo.
    • Built-in sleep/off mode allowing the board to be powered-down with batteries connected.
  • The enhancements are
    • Notched edge connector. To make it easier to connect things like crocodile clips and also conductive thread.
    • Power LED indicator. In addition to the USB activity indicator.
    • Gold plated antenna. To easily identify the radio and Bluetooth component.
  • The technology improvements are;
    • A new processor.
    • Increased memory.
    • Dedicated I2C bus for peripherals.
    • Bluetooth upgrade from 4.0 to 5.0.
    • 200mA is available for accessories (previously 90mA).



Find out more:

If you want to learn more about micro:bit v2 and micro:bit in general, then check out the links below. 


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