When it Comes to Wearable Technology Geoff is no Apprentice
It's not often than we let Geoff go home before 9pm, but as it's the new series of The Apprentice we decided to make an exception this week. We hadn't anticipated though that he'd actually like the principal behind Team Tenacity's Little Smart Jacket (although he preferred the look of the boys' sweater), and so this morning I arrived in to find Geoff busy working away on his own Little Smart Sweater.


It was at this stage that I presumed Geoff had stopped watching during the boardroom scenes (probably sketching out his prototype) or otherwise surely Lord Sugar's comment to the boys that 'I think even the shoplifters would bring it back' might have struck a chord. Unable to break the bad news to him in quite such a brutal fashion I sat down with Geoff to go over the spec of his abomination lovely creation. geoff_wearable_apprentice_560_01   When I had finally persuaded him that wearables could actually look good he did ask me to remind you all that we have a great range of sewable electronics that you could use to create your own wearables project.  

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