Kitronik Going To The Derby Mini Maker Faire 2016
This coming weekend will see the 5th Annual Derby Mini Maker Faire take place in the historic Derby Silk Mill, the site of the World's first factory. The Faire is this Saturday the 22nd October between 10am - 4pm, we hope to see you there! It doesn't seem like a year since we were last there and we are excited to once again be heading to Derby and can't wait to meet everyone, so pop over and say hi!

Derby Mini Maker Faire 2016 -silk-mill-2016-870

Kitronik Director, Geoff Hampson, has been hard at work bringing the 1,000 micro:bit display back to life and we hope to be bringing it with us, along with an assortment of other cool things to show you. The display was in such bad shape that we thought it'd had it's last hurrah but it seems to be slowly taking shape.

Derby Mini Maker Faire 2016 -1000-microbit-display-870

The Derby Mini Maker Faire 2016:

"Derby Mini Maker Faire is part of an international Maker Faire community, supported by Maker Media in California. It is a show and tell festival of invention, creativity and resourcefulness with the aim of entertaining, informing and connecting with aspiring makers. Derby Mini Maker Faire is a fantastic celebration of making, suitable for all the family."
Last years event attracted over 2,500 visitors, who came to see the exhibits of over 100 Makers and this year is set to be even bigger. The Derby Mini Maker Faire attracts people of all ages and every skill level, including; Makers, tech enthusiasts, designers, engineers and families from around the region.

Derby Mini Maker Faire _870

Kitronik And The Derby Mini Maker Faire:

Kitronik are a proud sponsor of the Derby Mini Maker Faire, we love getting involved in local events and as this is not only local but also right up our alley!  2016 sees the Derby Mini Maker Faire reach its fifth year and it is also the forth year that Kitronik have actively sponsored it. This year there is another all star cast of sponsors that sees us rub shoulders with the likes of Rolls-Royce, JCB and Make Magazine to name but a few.   Ticket information can be found here.   We will be taking our camera again this year and we'll be taking lots of photos of everything we see. We'll be sharing what we got up to via our newsletter, which you can sign up to here!

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