New Design & Technology Flyer 2020

Kitronik's latest flyer is now out and has all of the latest products for you to browse at your leisure! We've uploaded a pdf version so that you can get your Kitronik fix. All you need is an internet connection and browser. View it anytime, anywhere.

Summer flyer 2020

At Kitronik, we have been working hard to continue to introduce a great range of new products and resources. From new Laser Engraving Laminate Sheets to Grove Systems, the new flyer is bursting with exciting products! So, if you're interested in anything electronics, materials, coding and micro:bit related, it is definitely a must-read!  

How To Download Your Copy

To make it simple for you, we've put our flyer directly into a PDF format. View it anywhere and without the hassle of interacting with a previous interface. Either view it in your browser or download it to your device and take it wherever you go! Download the Design & Technology Early Summer Flyer 2020 here.  

Preview of Our New Products

We are super excited about some of our latest products so we wanted to give you a quick preview of just a few! So, whilst you're waiting those few seconds for the PDF to load, take a look at some of our latest (and exciting!) products...  

NEW! Laser Engraving Laminate Sheets

laser engraving laminates

We've recently introduced these new Laser Engraving Laminate Sheets and they are proving very popular! With a solid base material and a thin laminate layer of contrasting colour on the surface, these laser laminates are ideal for signage, point of sale, identification plates and more! We have 6 contrasting colours available: Black on White, White on Black, Yellow on Black, Gold on Black, Red on White and Blue on White. With a wide variety to choose from and a decorative finish effect, they are definitely worth a try!


NEW! Kitronik Discovery Kit for the BBC micro:bit

discovery kit for micro:bit

Kitronik's Discovery Kit is the perfect kit for those who are wanting to start their coding journey! Assuming no prior knowledge, this kit is a great way to get started with both programming and also electronics. Containing 5 experiments, our detailed tutorial book will take you through each stage step by step! Once completed, you'll have a prototyping system for your own projects. Plus, this kit is also at a fantastic price point of £10 (excluding VAT) so is accessible for all! Give it a go...


NEW! Grove Systems

grove, grow your idea

You may not have heard of Grove before, but it definitely an exciting addition to our product offering! Grove is a modular, standardized connector prototyping system. Grove takes a building block approach to assembling electronics and is easier to connect and build with compared to breadboard or solder based systems. In particular, we have available the Grove Starter Kit for micro:bit which brings endless possibilities to your micro:bit. If you'd like to explore the range, click the button below...


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