Doctor Who And The BBC micro:bit Live Lesson
The BBC micro:bit is to be put to the test at the controls of the TARDIS in this special Live Lesson in collaboration with the team behind Doctor Who.

Doctor Who And The micro:bit

Using the BBC micro:bit, students will be challenged to solve a fictional disaster scenario while coming face to face with one of the Doctor’s deadliest foes. The associated activities make use of the different coding editors available for the BBC microbit, the ; Block, MicroPython and MakeCode JavaScript editors.  

Doctor Who And The micro:bit:

Aimed at 11-13 year olds, the lesson has been devised to encourage computational thinking skills. There will be tasks that explore search algorithms, with a team of experts on hand to help explain how algorithms are constructed and what they are constructed from.  
  • The Date: Tuesday 28th March 2017.
  • The Time: 11am (approx. 50 minutes).
  • The Place:
There are also full lesson guides and activity sheets available for teachers to get their students involved. You can even tweet questions live using the #bbclivelessons hashtag and some questions will be answered during the live show. If you plan to tune in, send in your School name via email to for a chance to see your school highlighted in a shout out at the beginning of the lesson.   You can find more detailed information here.  

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