D&T Association - Designed and Made in Britain...?
Designed and Made in Britain...? is a campaign launched by the D&T Association to highlight the need for D&T in a modern society and to keep it from the recent government cuts. This campaign is very close to our hearts and a recent government report has highlighted the UK's ability to innovate (see UK Ranked as World Leader in Innovation), backing up the importance of D&T in the modern school setting. D&T is an extremely important subject that has enabled Britain to become one of the world leaders in innovation.


According to the D&T Association, by 2020, the UK will have over 1.82 million engineer extra vacancies that will need to be filled and we are resolute that we will stay leading the world in design and manufacture. Here at Kitronik, D&T has changed all of our lives in one way or another. We are here to support D&T teachers and we want to encourage as many students as possible to realise their potential in D&T. After all, our motto is:

 "Dedicated to the field of Design and Technology: the teachers that teach it, the students that study it and the hobbyists that exercise it"

Act now!

Engage with the campaign and share your views. Facebook: D&T Designed and Made in Britain...?  Please add your comments on this Facebook thread. Twitter: @DTassoc, #DTcampaign. Email: campaign@data.org.uk. Join the D&T Association.

D&T Design or Decline

Most of the employees here at Kitronik learned how to solder in their D&T classes and we are all makers in some way thanks to the knowledge and experience gained in D&T classes. Watch this video from the D&T Association about the importance of design. The video also highlights the importance of D&T in the professional world and its contribution to the UK and global economies:

Why are we supporting this Campaign?

D&T in primary and secondary school is currently facing many challenges. These include: teacher recruitment, reducing curriculum time, decreasing GCSE entries, access to professional development. Unless we can address this now; the subject of design and technology, which we were first in the world to develop and teach, will be marginalised!

World Leaders in D&T - This Will Change!

The introduction of the National Curriculum in 1989 saw England and Wales become the first countries in the world to establish D&T as a statutory entitlement for all pupils. It is ironic that whilst our achievements in D&T education are seen as world-leading and worthy of replication in other parts of world, they come under repeated question in the UK. Every child is entitled to the unique contribution that D&T makes to their educational experience. If we are to preserve the subject, and our world lead, for the benefit of future generations of young people immediate and co-ordinated action is required by Government, employers in design and technology-related industries and the D&T community itself.

Why is D&T Education Important?

D&T education makes a unique and valuable contribution to the education and preparation for life for every child – at work or leisure. For some it can be the start-point for highly satisfying and successful careers in industries that bring increasing economic benefit to the UK.

Campaign Supporters

This campaign is supported by key institutions and industrialists. Some of whom have been quoted in support: “Design and Technology is a phenomenally important subject. Logical, creative and practical, it’s the only opportunity students have to apply what they learn in Maths and Science – directly preparing them for a career in engineering. Policy-makers must recognise D&T’s significance and strive not just to preserve it, but to make sure it appeals to the brightest of young minds.” Sir James Dyson, Founder and Chairman of Dyson and Patron to the D&T Association. “Design and Technology is a key subject in drawing the next generation towards engineering. It makes a critical link between science and mathematics and provides real-world contexts in which these subjects can be applied through design. But D&T is not just about future engineers. By teaching D&T we are ensuring that all children are not passive bystanders in our increasingly technology driven world but are informed citizens who understand how design impacts on their quality of life and how technology can be used for the benefit of mankind.” Dr Rhys Morgan, Director of Education, Royal Academy of Engineering. “It is clear to me that D&T offers an unrivalled opportunity to inspire more young people towards a career in engineering and technology. Given the very significant projected talent shortfall in these areas it seems to me bewildering that we are steering students away from this hugely valuable subject.” Dr Paul Greening, Director, Centre for Engineering Education, UCL. “Science and maths alone cannot provide the creative thinking and hands-on expertise that is essential to producing world-class designers and engineers. An understanding of D&T ensures that students are equipped with the tools to thrive in an increasingly fast- paced, innovation-hungry marketplace.” John Mathers, Chief Executive, Design Council.

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