Electro-Fashion New Products
This is an overview of our new Electro-Fashion products containing information on:

- A switch which is activated by a magnet.

- A light sensing board that allows lights to turn on automatically when it is dark.

- A pre-made cat design which is a perfect starting point for anyone new to using Electro-Fashion.

We are also now having conductive thread made specially to our own requirements. This will mean we will always have it in stock and at a lower price.

Magnetic Switch - Example Application

The nose on this dog lights when the bone is put next to it (see pictures). To make this possible there is a magnet activated switch in the dog and a small magnet in the bone. The magnetic switch can be used with a number of LEDs so isn’t just limited to just the one nose LED in this project. The switch can be used in most textiles projects as it measures in at just 25 x 6 mm.

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