Exploring My Mini Factory 3D Printing Resource
As part of our continued focus on the Robox RBX1 3D Printer we have also explored the resources available to users. This week we are revisiting My Mini Factory, looking in more depth at it's features and the growth of the 3D community as a whole.


So to quickly recap on what My Mini Factory is, it is an online hub for 3D designers to submit their designs, allowing the general public to download and print for themselves. All of the content is free to download and is curated and tested by My Mini Factory's own in-house team to ensure that it is suitable for the site, so you don't have to worry about the quality either!


To be able to test the quality of the designs we tried one of the larger projects on the site, the 'Retro FM Radio Kit' designed by Mark Ledwold, and available for free download. The kit also uses Kitronik's Radio Kit 2.0, if you want to make one too.


The attention to detail is great, as you can see when you take the back of the case off, keeping the internal layout neat and tidy.


The project takes up to 21 hours to complete if you want to do it with the highest quality print, however as you can see from the images the results are well worth it, you get hours of fun with a great little project, and at the end of it you get to tell everyone who sees it that you made the radio all by yourself! We will be bringing more 3D designs and kits to you in the future, which you will never miss out on by signing up to our newsletter here.

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