Gift Guide for Christmas 2019 from Kitronik
It's the most *busiest* time of the year...' December feels like it began yesterday, and yet there are only a few more sleeps until the big day! If you haven't finished your gift buying, or haven't even started, then Kitronik is here to help you out with our Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide 2019! Gift Guide for Christmas 2019 from Kitronik main From micro:bit accessories to E-Textiles, we've got something for everyone. So whether you're buying for that person that's really hard to buy for, or you think you deserve a treat yourself, we've got 10 fantastic gifts to share with you!  

Gift 1. Kitronik's ARCADE for MakeCode Arcade

A programmable gamepad designed for all - from game enthusiasts to beginners. Develop your coding skills by creating and modding games in MakeCode, download pre-made games and follow simple tutorials! With all the best features, it creates a perfect retro gaming experience to keep you entertained this holiday! Gift Guide for Christmas 2019 from Kitronik arcade  

Gift 2. Edison V2.0 Robot 

Unlock your potential with Edison, a programmable robot, which is designed to be a complete STEM teaching resource for coding and robotics education. Aimed towards those aged 4-16 years, it's perfect for progressive learning, meaning the Edison can stay by your side for a long time!  

Gift 3. Kitronik's Simple Robotics Kit - Single Pack

An easy to build, entry-level introduction into the wonderful world of robotics. Included is a detailed set of instructions on how to code, build and use our buggy! Did you know that it is customisable too? Get creative and make a completely new robot body using pens, colours, stickers, pom-poms and more!  

Gift 4. Soldering Iron Starter Kit 

Get soldering ASAP with this starter kit that includes everything you need! It is a great value kit that offers a practical gift to help you learn how to solder. Afterwards, get involved with a wide variety of projects with your new found skill and enjoy!  

Gift 5. Kitronik Inventor's Kit for BBC micro:bit 

Get more from your micro:bit with this fantastic kit. Take part in 10 engaging experiments and learn more about creating circuits and coding! We've included our detailed tutorial book to guide you through everything, so no experience is needed beforehand, meaning you can get started in no time!  

Gift 6. Electro-Fashion, Discovery Pack

New to E-Textiles? Perfect. This pack contains a selection of popular products from our Electro-Fashion range including conductive thread, sewable LEDs, a coin cell holder and more! Do something different this Christmas and get crafting!  

Gift 7. MeArm Robot for micro:bit, Arduino or Raspberry Pi

Explore the world of Robotics Engineering with the MeArm robot arm kit. It's an easy-to-build robot that's designed to get children ages 11+ (and adults!) learning about technology, engineering and programming. Simply choose whether it be for micro:bit, Arduino or Raspberry Pi and enjoy!  

Gift 8. Unigeek - A Unicorn Badge Soldering Kit

Who doesn't love unicorns? A popular figure in recent years, this unicorn badge is a beautiful white and gold, with a single rainbow effect colour changing LED! Perfect for beginners in the soldering world, taking around 5-15 minutes. Afterwards, you've got a lasting badge to show off to your friends!  

Gift 9. Kitronik's :MOVE mini MK2 Buggy Kit

Get MOVEing with our buggy kit - a fun introduction to robotics and coding! Use in conjunction with our free micro:bit Android app, use radio function and a second micro:bit as a controller, attach a pen to draw shapes and more! The opportunities are endless so why wait?  

Gift 10. Game Project Kit

We love games...the Kitronik way! This kit has 2 games in 1: a memory game and a reaction game. How fast are your reactions? The kit lights up an LED where you have to press the corresponding button on the same corner as the LED. Don't wait around, you're on a timer!   There you have it, our gift guide for 2019, we hope you found something that you liked! From all of us at Kitronik, Merry Christmas!   If you like our content, why not sign up to our exclusive newsletter and be first in the loop? Sign up here.  

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