Highlights From Our Week @ BETT 2017
We had a fantastic time at BETT 2017, the show seemed much busier this year and our stand was a hive of activity from start to finish. We brought with us a whole host of microbit related goodies and our stand proved to be a popular draw. Although we barely had time to leave the stand, we did manage to sneak a few pictures of our own stand and of a few of the stands nearby.

microbit Kitronik-BETT-2017-Table-2-12-870

We got to meet so many people and that fact alone made the trip worthwhile. We got to talk to customers, both new and long-standing, we also got to meet many people from within Education. We also got to meet and talk to people from Government Education departments from around the world, many of whom we made friends with. Jason Bradbury from the Gadget show was also seen heading towards the Steam Village where there were already two Daleks hanging around, we don't think the two were related...

microbit  Kitronik-BETT-2017-Table-2-14-870

Our good friends from the microbit Foundation were there to spread the news about the microbit, they brought all sorts of microbit related items and information, including their giant microbit. They were situated in the nearby Steam Village and even though our stand and theirs were very busy all week, we still found some time to visit each other.

microbit  Kitronik-BETT-2017-Table-2-16-870

The biggest star on our stand this year was the Inventors Kit for the BBC microbit, we started the show with a big wall and with more stored beneath our table. The wall quickly dwindled and we had to courier some more in towards the end of the week.

microbit  Kitronik-BETT-2017-Table-2-13-870

We have a tendency towards hacking toys and bringing them to BETT. Last year we hacked a toy crane to highlight how you can make use of the microbits accelerometer as a method of control and this year we hacked some toy cars to highlight the radio function that allows you to send information from one microbit to another. This was hugely popular and those little cars were spinning around the track for most of the week.

microbit  Kitronik-BETT-2017-Table-2-15-870

This year's BETT 2017 was big for both BETT and Kitronik and next year is looks set to be bigger again, we've already booked our place and a bigger stand and we can't wait to get set up and do it all again. We'd like to thank everyone who came to say hi and if you didn't manage to make it to our stand this year, we'll see you next year!  

Kitronik & The microbit @ BETT 2017 Edited Highlights:

Below are few more pictures of our stand and a few of the things we were able to snap in the rare quiet moments.
Kitronik-BETT-2017-Table-1-1-200 Kitronik-BETT-2017-Table-1-2-200 Kitronik-BETT-2017-Table-1-3-200 Kitronik-BETT-2017-Table-1-4-200
Kitronik-BETT-2017-Table-1-5-200 Kitronik-BETT-2017-Table-1-6-200 Kitronik-BETT-2017-Table-1-7-200 Kitronik-BETT-2017-Table-1-8-200
Kitronik-BETT-2017-Table-2-1-200 Kitronik-BETT-2017-Table-2-2-200 Kitronik-BETT-2017-Table-2-3-200 Kitronik-BETT-2017-Table-2-4-200
  We'll leave you with this short video that we captured on the Microsoft stand. With a microbit, a servo, a few lines of code and some imaginative designs you can make some great robots.

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